Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil Rollerball

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This lightly fragranced face oil is deeply moisturising and balancing.  It will help soften and smooth facial skin whilst supporting hydration, protecting and repairing your skin from daily exposure to the elements. 

This beautiful hydrating facial oil contains a complex blend of oils, all known to have wonderful skin benefits. Each oil has been chosen to maximise the emollient and hydrating impact on your skin.

Treat your skin to a true pampering experience with macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil, wheatgerm oil, rose flower essential oil and vetever essential oil to name but a few of it's lovely ingredients 

All in a gorgeous 20ml black glass bottle with a rollerball applicator. True 90s-style! This applicator style helps keep waste to a minimum.

Warning: Contains Nut Oils 


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