Amy Alexander - Founder of Kærlig Beauty

Owner & Founder : Amy Alexander

My journey into soap-making started right after leaving my job in the oil & gas industry. Six weeks later I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.

Finding a lump in my right breast came as a shock. I had my two boys to look after and I just kept thinking I’d be leaving my boys behind and that they wouldn’t have a mum – it was a very sobering time.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy soon caused my hair to fall out and left my skin cracked and bleeding. I wasn’t able to use regular soaps or creams so the natural solution was to develop my own.

It was a really challenging time and I had to keep focusing on being strong for my boys.

I had a lot of support from friends, but I needed a way to treat my skin and to stay positive mentally for my family. It was during my course of chemotherapy that I decided to make some bars of soap. As I made products to address my own needs, friends and family members began asking me to make for them as gifts. The business was launched!

I’ve now developed six soaps and Silks plus Define Day (a face and neck treatment), with a ‘Naked’ or unscented version for those with sensitive skin.

Hand and Body Lotion dispensers

I’m also hoping to soon launch a shampoo and conditioner. These products are the centre of Kærlig Beauty, a brand built on the foundations of family, caring and sustainability. I chose the word Kærlig because it means caring in Danish and I felt this really captured the essence of my business.

My products are currently stocked in all Harvey Nichols stores, As well as a number of other high end retail shops.

Kærlig products are supplied in glass bottles that are made for a long usable life. This makes them refillable for longer, reducing the carbon footprint, and matches their luxurious contents. My whole ethos is all about caring so I had to have a product that cared for the world too. It had to have ingredients that were good for skin but also for the environment.

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