Solen Tan Advanced Booster Drops - for your everyday moisturiser

Solen Tan Advanced Booster Drops - for your everyday moisturiser

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Tan Booster Drops - 30ml for the face and neck. Can be added to your everyday face or body moisturiser and oils to create a natural-looking, buildable tan.

Directions for Use

Always prepare skin by gentle exfoliation. Always  carry out a patch test first and leave to develop for 8 hours. Take your time to establish your perfect bronzed glory. As an approximate guide, using every day over a 3-7 day period, add 3 drops to your usual amount of moisturiser for a light tan, 4 drops for a medium tan and 5+ drops for a deeper tan. Less is more initially and don’t forget your neck! 

If using 5+ drops, on first application you should see the difference after 4-6 hours. If using less, your glow will level up over the week. 

This also doubles up as a booster for professional spray tans to higher the percentage, simply add 3 drops to your spray machine gun to raise the percentage/darkness of your solution.

Patch test on skin if you have not used this product before. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged undiluted skin contact. Do not consume internally. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs. Rinse well with water. Always do a skin test prior to application - very important! Avoid contact with clothes, bedding, towels and furniture.

Please note that this products builds your glow naturally over a period of time. 

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