kærlig beauty masterclass 1: silk lotion-making

Kærlig Beauty Masterclass 1: Silk Lotion-Making

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Anyone can make cosmetics, right?

Well, with a bit of guidance, absolutely right!

Open your life to making your very own cosmetics and you will never look back!

These bite-sized courses will teach you the basics of our signature products. Taking you from beginner to having a basic understanding of core aspects of Lotion-Making. We will cover safety, melting, blending, cooling down, and bottling.

Before your Masterclass, you will receive a Silk Prep-Pack with the pre-weighed ingredients. Each pack will contain the finest oils, the fragrance of your choice, a Silk bottle and pump and the all-important emulsifier and preservative. Without the preservative, your Silk would only last a couple of weeks.

You will need to have the following equipment ready on the day:

✅ Thermometer gun                                                       

✅ Jug

✅ Large metal spoon

✅ Spatula

✅ Two medium-sized pans

✅ Apron

✅ Hand blender 

✅ Rubber gloves

✅ Laptop, Chromebook or mobile with Zoom pre-installed

✅ Pad and pen  

On the big day, at the arranged time, I will join you in your kitchen for an hour via Zoom!

Why not ask a family member to join you for double the fun!

Book a place and let the Silk-Making commence!

Once you have bought the lesson, we will be in touch to book a day and time for your lesson.






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