Kærlig Beauty Luxury Bath Bombs - Pink, Amber, Black and Yellow

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Level up your bathing Cleopatra-style!

Our bath bombs are supercharged with muscle-easing Epsom Salts, skin-soothing kaolin clay and cleansing charcoal.   Each bomb is loaded with hemp seed oil to add a whopping boost of moisturising luxury.

Approx. 150g

Naturally, we do not test our products on animals and neither do any of our suppliers. We are proud to be 100% vegan-friendly. 

How to use:

Fill the tub the tub safely. Just before you get in, gently lower your bath bomb beauty into the water, hold it under the water and watch it's wonderful fizz. We would love you to take vids to share on social media. It makes our day!

Take care when getting out of the bath as bath bombs can leave it slippy.

All our packaging is recyclable, of course.

Yellow Bath Bomb - our brand, spanking new fragrance - contains Sicilian lemon and vetever pure essential oils.  A complex blend that is literally summer in a bottle.

Pink Bath Bomb - a playful blend of candy and rose with a grown up twist.

Black Bath Bomb - a heady, masculine blend of cedarwood essential oil and raspberry.

Amber Bath Bomb - our signature fragrance blend. You will feel like you are bathing in a spa. Contains orange and elemi pure essential oils.


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