Pack of 2 Reusable Cleaning Scrubbies

Pack of 2 Reusable Cleaning Scrubbies

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Reusable Cleaning Scrubbies 

These Scrubbies are the perfect eco solution for cleaning around the home as they are plastic free, reusable, compostable and handmade.

The reusable cleaning Scrubbies are mainly designed for washing the dishes replacing the plastic green scourers. But great for tackling those dirty pots & pans. They are also excellent for worktops, sinks, tiles, shower cubical, hobs, ovens and lots lots.

The sets of two reusable Scrubbies are made from 100% cotton, terry towelling, jute & cotton thread in these 2 beautiful designs only available at Kaerlig Beauty.

These are handmade by Joy at Mama Bellapops.

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