The Coffee Stencil for Cupid - minor print flaws on packaging

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For those of us that wear our hearts on our sleeves and well, decorating our coffees too - meet the exclusive Cupid's Coffee Stencil made for Kærlig Home by locally based company, Damside. 

Treat your loved one to levelled up lattes where no words are needed.  

Our advice to the 'Wanna be barista at home' is to place the stencil onto the rim of the mug (without touching the foamed milk) and gently sprinkle with hot chocolate powder. The more confident user may hold with a steady hand for a more freestyle design! 


0.9 mm 304 Stainless Steel (Food Grade)

105mm x 140mm Including the handle

Design lies approximately within a diameter of 70mm within the central area


100% Recycled Paper

225 gsm 

No plastic 




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