About Scent by Miss C

Scent by Miss C - Caroline Walker 

My Products

These products are made in the artisan way of individually hand pouring in small batches to produce distinctive, high quality products for your home, as a gift or for any occasion.

All products are rigorously tested and have not been tested on animals and in addition, are vegan friendly.

My Story

My career started in construction which then led me into the oil and gas industry in 2013. 

All of my career I’ve been driven to succeed - setting goals and targets to achieve.  Long hours, lots of travelling and very demanding, both mentally and emotionally.

On December 19th 2016, I was diagnosed with MS which made me take stock of my work life balance and watching my mum deal with it over the past 40 years frightened me about how life could look like if I didn’t do something about the pace of my life.  Which of course I didn’t listen to until…

At the beginning of 2018 I took the opportunity of redundancy at first this was a very daunting experience for me having never been out of a job so while I was looking for other employment I started to self-study aromatherapy and blending my own scents for my symptoms, which I really enjoyed and still do it now.   

I love candles…who doesn’t?  and found that I was spending a fortune on candles and there was always something I wasn’t happy with, so I bought a candle kit to see how easy it was.  This was the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever done. The whole candle making process is regulated by temperatures and therefore you cannot speed up the process so it allows me to relax which is great therapy.    

So, I got the bug and thought with our wedding coming up I’d make the candles for the centre of the tables and reed diffusers as gifts for the ladies.  I invested in some equipment (which I still use now) and took part in a candle making course, bought lots of wax etc and thought this is it how difficult can it be, I was so very wrong!! This was my biggest mistake 

The morning after our wedding when clearing up the marquee we noticed that all of the candles were gone and guests started calling to comment on how lovely the candles were…..my response was that you weren’t to take them lol!! That’s when our guests started asking me to make more and Scent by Miss C was born

I'm delighted to be collaborating with Kærlig Beauty and hope you enjoy looking through the website where everything has been made with love and kær for you to enjoy!

Scent by Miss C xoxo



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