About s.a.l.t – The Sea and Land Tribe

It feels like just yesterday that I tried mixing my very first concoction, but that was 32 years ago! And you
might wonder why I took so long to finally take the leap and start a business doing just that… I ask
myself that same question often! I guess life gets in the way sometimes and sneakily takes us off our
path and dim our passions slowly but surely, until BAM! (if you’re lucky!), something happens and it gets
you right back on track.

I have always loved making my own cosmetics, soaks, oils, ointments and herbal concoctions, but it was
only when I was diagnosed with MS, that I truly started digging into the magical healing that plants have
to offer. Two years ago I made the decision to leave London behind and move to Scotland, where I found
renewed inspiration and was finally able to turn my dreams and passion into s.a.l.t – The Sea and Land
Tribe. I am a true nature nerd, which means that I function best while being surrounded by nature, using
all it gifts us to create a healthier, calmer lifestyle. Not a boring one, just a happy one! I also love helping
people, so making products that has a positive influence on someone’s life, literally makes my heart beat
faster with the most magical happiness.

I have lived a life inspired by magnificent women, who have carried me – sometimes literally - on my way
towards making my dreams come true and I have in turn vowed to inspire and assist all those who are in
need of that little extra love, guidance and inspiration themselves. The love of all those women go into
making every jar or bottle of product I produce. This truly is a labour of love, positive intentions, magic,
passion and an unbelievably great respect to Mother Nature.

s.a.l.t products are handmade in small batches, with 100% naturally derived plant based ingredients.



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