Red Luxury Soy Wax Melts - 6 Pack

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Key Features

  • Weight: 6 x 26g
  • CLP compliant
  • Burn time per wax melt: approx. 9 hours
  • Unique fragrance blends that are developed in-house and exclusive to Kærlig Beauty

Each 26g gorgeous soy wax melt produces room-filling fragrance. Depending on how strong you like a scent, carefully cut the wax melt into 2, 3 or 4 pieces. Place a piece in a wax melt warmer and light an unscented tea light below. It emits a beautiful fragrance that lasts.

Kærlig Beauty Wax Melts are handmade in Scotland using natural soy wax and the best essential and fragrance oils. This wax melt offers a clean, consistent burn. These can be melted a couple of times over!

Red - a beautiful unisex fragrance of bergamot and frankincence - a 100% essential oil blend.

Each 6 pack of wax melts comes gorgeously packaged in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon finish.

Please note - the photo says 28g but they are 26g each. Your box will have the correct label on!

Warning: Do not attempt to light wax melts.  Do not leave your burner unattended. 



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