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FlyPink Luxury Liquid Soap - Limited Edition - in association with Thomas Cook Airlines

FlyPink Luxury Liquid Soap - Limited Edition - in association with Thomas Cook Airlines

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£5 Donation to Macmillan for EVERY single bottle sold. 💕

These gorgeous bottles of our Pink luxury liquid soap were commissioned by Thomas Cook Airlines to support their fabulous FlyPink campaign. So sad for all those affected by recent events. ♥️

But, we were determined that the spirit of this super breast cancer awareness campaign continues... ❤️

For each bottle sold, a mahoosive £5 will be donated to the absolutely wonderful Macmillan - they support so many people affected by Cancer. 🙏


These bottles are a one off and would make such a thoughtful and kaering gift. Each will come in a pretty organza bag and confirmation of your £5 Macmillan donation.

A little bit of info about the bubbles...

Welcome to Kærlig Beauty - Professionally hand-made skin-kaer.

Grab a coffee and take a seat - I hope you like long posts!

What is your favourite colour? Each scent in the Kærlig range of liquid soaps has been matched to a colour. Colours themselves evoke emotions and I wanted to make that connection. How does Pink liquid hand and body soap smell? There's only one way to find out!

Let's talk about Pink - a sensory experience in a bottle - enhanced with skin-loving glycerine, jojoba, castor and coconut oils. Deep infusions of a heady blend of rose and candy fragrances are blended with lemon oil to give hands a gorgeous scent. Each soap is presented in a beautiful, glass bottle so no messy label.

They are completely hand-made, original and are packed with skin-loving, ultra-moisturising ingredients. I have recently recovered from breast cancer and chemotherapy left my skin crying out for tender, moisturising kaer.

Making soaps became my therapy and after completing the Diploma in Organic Skin-kaer, here we are. I hope you like.

Let’s tackle an important question, ‘Kærlig’ – how do you say it and what does it mean?

Kærlig {care-leeg) is Danish for 'caring' . The Danish approach to life really resonates with me. With a strong emphasis on the home and family – being Kærlig. I want you to feel cared about when you use my soaps. Not only do they feel lovely, but they are aesthetically pleasing and will compliment any kitchen and bathroom.

These luscious wonders are pH-balanced so that they gently cleanse whilst being really moisturising. Rather boastful, I know, but they are lovely. The fragrance lasts ages! Oh, and they are truly natural - no ethanol and no colour. These soaps contain unique blends of oils - only Naked is unscented, just beautifully gentle.

What also makes these soaps stand out is the sustainability factor. I detest plastic and really wanted to help my customers to re-use, thanks to an eco-friendly refill pouch, a stylish product. All packaging has been carefully considered so the cardboard mail boxes are reusable and fully recyclable. The inflated packaging is only 2% plastic and again, can be used over and over. And of course, the glass bottle will last for years.

I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years. Sustainability was important and so was being cruelty-free. I didn’t want to make and use a product that has involved animal testing at any point in the supply chain. These soaps are proudly vegan!

I only make these soaps in small runs. They could be sitting stylishly on a bathroom or kitchen shelf after having been made just days before!

Anyway, if you are still reading, well done!

In a nutshell, they are stylish, exclusive, screen-printed glass bottles, vegan, sustainable, caring, unique blends, gentle, cleansing soaps!

IMPORTANT - Kær for your lovely glass bottle by keeping on a dry shelf. Avoid placing on varnished, painted or surfaces that could be effected by the oils contained in the soap. 😊


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