250/500 ml refill pouch of amber luxury liquid soap

250/500 ml Refill Pouch of Amber Luxury Liquid Soap

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What is your favourite colour? Each scent in the Kærlig range of liquid soaps has been matched to a colour. Colours themselves evoke emotions and we wanted to make that sensory connection. How does Amber liquid hand and body soap smell? There's only one way to find out.

Let's talk about Amber - a sensory experience in a bottle - enhanced with skin-loving glycerine, jojoba, castor and coconut oils. Deep infusions of a heady blend of sweet orange, patchouli and Scotch pine oils are added to give hands a gorgeous scent. 

These luscious wonders are pH-balanced so that they gently cleanse whilst being really moisturising. Rather boastful, I know, but they are lovely. The fragrance lasts ages! These soaps contain a unique blends of oils - only Naked is unscented, just beautifully gentle.

Important - Kær for your lovely glass bottle by keeping on a dry shelf. Avoid placing on varnished, painted or surfaces that could be effected by the oils contained in the soap. 

Allergy warning: These soaps are manufactured in the same area where nut oils may be used.

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