'Deconstruct' Acrylic on Canvas - 4 Sizes/Prices

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Mixed gold and silver metallics gives this abstract piece a vibrant, other worldly feel, with many layers eye catching detail. The simple black and pewter background makes way for striking forefront, created with palette knives brush strokes. This piece really comes to life when in direct light, giving a stunning glowing/mirrored effect.

Available in 4 sizes, each piece is hand-painted so there will be minor differences between each. These are not prints but the spirit and style of the original painting is captured wonderfully.

These beautiful statement pieces have been painted by Aberdeenshire artist, Louise Pittam of Lou-Lou Art.

Some words from Louise...

'I've always been a very creative person, drawing and getting involved in anything arty from a young age. Painting however, was quite a new concept for me until quite recently. I would say I found painting, but it was more like painting found me!

Lockdown 2020 provided me with a lot of time to tap back into my creative side try new things, with painting being at the top of my list. Blissfully unaware of the impact it would have on me. It's safe to say I fell in love with the whole process from the first brush stroke! 
Painting abstract comes very natural to me. I paint with mood and intuition, and other than the specific colour themes I choose in advance, my style is created organically, which I think makes each one individual and unique piece.

To me, painting represents freedom, and a space to create whatever I feel in that moment. I get so much joy from people's positive feedback when they see/purchase my work. It really is something  special.

I'm so excited to be working with Kærlig Beauty, and hope their lovely customers will enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.'
Choose your preferred size and look forward to welcoming these gorgeous paintings into your home.

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